A day in the life of a Media One Front Office Manager

31 Mar, 2023

As a Front Office Manager, everyday starts with a healthy bang!

I kick off my morning at 7am with a hearty breakfast to fuel up for the day ahead as I know from the moment I step through the door, it’s all systems go! After breakfast, I hit the gym for a quick stretch and workout, keeping myself on top form.
When I arrive at Media One at 8:30 I meet with Rachid, our Night Manager for a quick handover, and make sure everything is in order. At 9am, it is time for the daily morning briefing, and I’m ready to hear the latest updates and exciting news from our General Manager, Mark Lee and the rest of the Operations Team. This keep everyone in the loop of the happening of the previous night, complaints, VIP arrivals, technical or engineering planned activities, marketing and events upcoming, internal meetings etc.

I swing by to say hi to Sahna, our superstar Director of Revenue, and catch up with the flow of business. Then, I take rounds to greet everyone in the front office, making sure everyone is pumped up for the day.

By 10am, I’m ready for a coffee break, and I grab a cup while catching up with Jay, our Go-To-guy. I then check the gym and Coco Lounge pool area on the 7th floor, taking rounds and catching some rays with Jayanath, our awesome lifeguard.

After that, it’s time to review the arrivals of the day, quickly browse through departures and survey results, and catch up on crucial emails and WhatsApp messages as we have separate WA groups for each department here in the hotel. I take a quick snack break of my oat drink and fruits, and then it’s time to meet with the team and discuss their upselling performance at noon.

Next, I schedule a meeting with Azima, our Urban Experience Manager, to discuss reviews and complaints, ensuring our guests are all happy campers, and see how we can make their stay even better. At 3 pm, I have a meeting with Anara, our Housekeeping Manager to discuss any issues related to room management, ensuring everything is in tip-top shape for our guests.

Then, I conduct a team briefing at 4 pm, rallying the troops and getting everyone geared up for the evening shift. Before ending my day, I catch up on emails and next day’s arrivals once more and take rounds to say goodnight to everyone, ensuring a successful and productive day for all.

Being a Front Office Manager is a high-energy, fast-paced role, and I thrive on the excitement and challenges it brings. It’s all about keeping our guests happy and making sure our team is firing on all cylinders!

Sue Chua– 14 years a loyal Media One Enthusiast

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