Sustainability at Media One

vision & MISSION

Sustainable vision:
Be the leader in community, sustainable and welfare initiatives.

Sustainable mission:
Drive key initiatives to impact real environmental change.

‍M1Sustainable is where we play a part in protecting the planet one step at a time. By reducing energy, water, food waste and plastic we partner with a number of stakeholders to reach our goals, reduce our carbon footprint and give back to nature as much as we can.

COP28 Hotel

Embrace Style at Media One your Sustainable COP28 Hotel

As Media One recognise the importance of sustainability and align our values with the goals of COP28. And as you participate in this significant conference, we invite you to make Media One your designated COP28 Hotel in Dubai, where urban style meets environmental consciousness.


M1Sustainable Goals

Media One’s electric car fleet

  • With three Tesla charging stations, Media One caters to the environmentally friendly vehicles.

Media One will reduce carbon footprint by 20%

  • With achievable and practical steps towards making Media One a sustainable property, the long term goal contributes to accountability to the environment.

Media One will reduce waste by 8%

  • By separating and repurposing a variety of material waste such as glass, tin, and plastic.

Media One compost for food wastage

  • A collaboration with The Waste Lab will collect food waste unable to be repurposed as sustainable dishes. The compost will be reused across  property in our vegetables garden.
What we are doing to help

How is Media One a
responsible property?

01. The Green Leaf room initiative

In-house guests can opt out for room servicing to reduce laundry and related water & electricity consumption, laundry loads and chemical consumptions. This initiative helps reduce the carbon footprint per room and offers guests value-back in F&B consumption in return for their environmental support.

02. One Planet Plate presented by HSBC

In line with a sustainable food future, this worldwide restaurant campaign addresses the inherent problems in our food system. The campaign engages both chefs and diners to vote with their fork for a better food future. Ciao Bella, QWERTY, garden on 8 and Coco Lounge each have sustainable dishes on thier menus.

03. ‍Partnership with GROHE

GROHE is our partner in water sustainability and going plastic free. The GROHE Blue is installed in the Office Tower lobby, Ciao Bella and the 7² meeting rooms. The water dispensers offer guests and tenants a location to fill up their bottles with complementary still or sparkling drinking water.

We have also partnered with GROHE to install infrared taps in all public bathrooms across the hotel and office tower. This initiative drastically reduces water consumption and enhances hygiene through a touchless solution.

04. Reusable is our middle name

Glass water bottles
Media One has gone plastic-free across property by replacing all plastic water bottles with glass ones. Used in all hotel rooms, 7² meeting rooms, as well as in all F&B outlets – they are also available for purchase at M12GO and at the hotel reception.

Take-away coffee mugs
M12GO offers reduced prices on tea and coffee to all guests who bring their own mugs or purchase one of our bespoke reusable mugs.

05. Electric Vehicle (EV) parking stations

With the people of Dubai becoming more aware of engine emissions, Media One has the option to charge electric vehicles at the main entrance as well three charging stations on P1.

06. Saving the trees

For our Front Office, paperless check-in and check-out is controlled through the Media One app on a guests’ phone. This has significantly reduced the paper consumption by 90% in the Front Office.

Meanwhile, Media One Enthusiasts themselves practice conscious printing and recycling of paper. We have recently launched an initiative to take all internal approvals online.

07. Renewable energy from IRECS

Partnering with Element Six, Media One has committed to use all of its electrical consumption through renewable energy sources.

08. Green Key Certificate

Media One is one of only 3% of Dubai’s 900+ hotels to have successfully attained the Green Key Certification.

09. Sustainable restaurants

 Partnering with The Waste Lab, all kitchens recycle food waste and leftovers for composting. This compost is then used in our herb gardens located on our 8th floor on garden on 8. Growing fresh thyme, tomatoes, avocado, eggplants and so much more.

10. It’s the little things…

Plastic-free straws are provided only on request.

Recycling bins located on all office tower floors.

We use bio-degradable cutlery and packaging for all takeaway orders.

LED lights installed throughout property with a 25% reduction in electrical consumption recorded in 2022.

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